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    I request that the grooming be completed in accordance with the instructions outlined above and understand that whilst every effort is made to produce the visual effect that I expect this may not be as I had mentally visualised.

    I understand that if any aggressive behaviour is shown by my dog then restraints (e.g. muzzle), will be used in the grooming process. In extreme conditions the grooming process will be stopped, and I accept the fee will still be payable.

    If my dog fouls in the Shop or Spa I understand that a cleaning charge may be incurred. In addition if any stock is damaged by my dog it will be seen as sold and must be paid in full before the next appointment.

    I agree that if I cannot be contacted in an emergency and if I do not have a vet or my vet cannot be contacted, Mutz Cutz Dog Grooming Spa will contact their own vets and unless it can be shown that Mutz Cutz Dog Grooming Spa are liable all costs in connection and in carrying out this instruction will be at my own expense.

    I certify that I am the dog’s owner and have the authority to execute this consent. I accept responsibility for the fee quoted and agree to pay this on collection. I agree to pay a cancellation charge if I cancel my appointment and have not given a minimum of 24hrs notice and to book my next appointment I will have to pay in full.

    I the customer will notify Mutz Cutz Dog Grooming Spa on my next visit, if any information changes regarding the condition or health of my dog, or my personnel details.


    Customer Notice – We are members of the associations pictured below and are audited to very high standards.

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