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Other Services

Grooming Services available include…

Flea & Tick Funeral & Worming To get rid of those annoying little biters your dog will be bathed with a flea & tick shampoo and a spot on treatment applied. Additional fee £10

Facial Scub With a refreshing blend of vanilla & bluberry our spa facial will remove dirt and reduce tear stains without stinging the eyes. Additional fee £2

Nail Trimming Nail clipping/trimming is an important part of our overall grooming service and should be carried out regularly by a trained professional. Prices from £6

Eyes Trimmed Keeping the fur around the eyes trimmed helps to avoid tear staining and avoids uncomfortable irritation for your dog. The eyes are hygienically cleaned to remove wax and sleep. Prices from £6

Pawdicure Coming soon Price TBC

Ear Cleaning This includes a thorough clean with professional ear cleaning products removing all dirt, wax and debris. Prices from £4

Breath Freshener A thorough brush using doggy toothpaste to clean the front, back and sides of the teeth and gums. Additional fee £2

Foot & Nose Balm Treatment Great for dry elbows, sunburned or dry noses and cracked pads. Additional fee £3

Luxury Aromatherapy Shampoo & Finishing Spray Make your pooch smell lovely with an aromatherapy shampoo and finish. Additional fee £5

If your requirements are not covered by the grooming services listed we are more than happy to discuss individual needs and give a quotation for the service required.