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Dog Grooming Prices are subject to change due to condition of coat and individual breed size. Matted and difficult dogs will be charged accordingly. Final price to be charged will be quoted at the consultation prior to grooming and will be dependent on:

  • Breed & actual size of dog
  • Coat length
  • Time since last groomed
  • Degree of matting
  • Your styling requirement
  • Dogs behaviour

Dog Grooming Price Guide:

As a general guide for dogs that have received regular grooming and whose coats are in reasonable condition grooming prices start from:

Puppy Introduction: Start From £22

Small Breeds: Start From £35 – Examples include: Yorkie, Westie, Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Pekinese, Papillon, Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel

Medium Breeds: Start From £38 – Examples include: Border Collie, Springer Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer, Fox Terrier

Large Breeds: Start From £45 – Examples include: Airedale, Bearded Collie, Golden Retriever, Setter, German Shepherd, Labradoodle

Giant Breeds: Start From £60 – Examples include: Old English, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhound

Should your dog arrive at the salon with fleas an extra charge of £10 will be incurred – this is to cover the cost of the flea shampoo and treating the salon to prevent flea infestation afterwards.

Introductory Offers are available for recommendations & first time visits subject to terms & conditions.